meet moodydarkroom,
aka Oswaldo Cepeda

The face behind the alias of moodydarkroom is photographer and artist Oswaldo Cepeda. Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, Oswaldo decided to pursue his passion of art and felt that in order to do so properly, he needed to be in a new environment. Given the sprawling hub of opportunity that Southern California offers, Oswaldo decided to move to Los Angeles, where he is now based out of and calls home.

Oswaldo’s main focus is portraiture; however, his portfolio also showcases his passion for digital art. His portrait work is unique, featuring the abstract lighting techniques that he is widely known for. This ultimately sets his work apart from typical portraiture, often being described as other worldly, ethereal, and poignantly emotional. He uses his work to convey feelings that cannot be put into words and strives to demonstrate the raw emotions of human nature. 

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